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The 研究生商科学生协会 (GBSA) promotes increased awareness and access to career opportunities in management, 帮助学生拓展人际网络, develops leadership skills and promotes the benefits of postgraduate business education.

For additional details regarding the GBSA's structure, 目标和指导原则, 参考 GBSA章程及细则.

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Jacob Acebo is a native Texan from Corpus Christi. He spent his childhood outdoors, surfing, and playing video games. 后来他就读于德克萨斯体育学院&M University College Station and earned a degree in 心理学 in 2015. 毕业后, Jacob commissioned in the United States Marine Corps and earned the title of Reconnaissance Marine after completing two deployments as an Infantry Officer.

In 2021, Jacob transitioned out of the military and returned to Texas. 他创立了Silent Stag木制品公司 & 设计, 定制木工公司, and became a brand ambassador for GRITR Gear on his Instagram page @SilentStagChronicles. Additionally, he authored a fictional novel titled The Rider's Bane, which is available May 2023. 

雅各布目前正在圣. 爱德华的 University and serves as the President of the Hilltop Student Veterans Association. He also works as a consultant with the Travis County Veteran Service Office where he continues to improve his community. 


副总统Thamires Koha

在巴西里约热内卢出生和长大, 巴西, Thamires developed an interest in business and entrepreneurship at an early age, following in the footsteps of her grandparents and parents, 谁建立了自己成功的企业. She studied law and started her own practice, focusing on consumer and family law. Two years ago, she moved to Austin, Texas to pursue new opportunities and experiences. 她目前正在圣. 澳门葡京网上赌场, aiming to eventually work in digital marketing and branding.

When she's not busy studying or working, Thamires loves to travel and explore new cultures. She is also an avid cook and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in her spare time. But perhaps her greatest joy comes from playing with her beloved dog, Chanel.


Eirini Alikampioti,社交媒体经理

在雅典出生和长大, 希腊, Eirini Alikampioti搬到了奥斯汀, Texas during the coronavirus pandemic where she has been living for more than two years. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Shipping from the University of Piraeus in 希腊; thus, she holds a shipbroking diploma by the HSA (Hellenic Shipbrokers Association) with emphasis in developing negotiating skills. She’s worked for some of the most respectable Shipping companies in 希腊 and had the chance to work with established business partners of the worldwide market trade. 不过, the overall working experience in shipping motivated her to move to the United States, to chase her dreams and explore another lifestyle.

Currently, Eirini is a first-year MBA candidate at St. 爱德华大学毕业后, she aims to pursue a career in marketing and social media orientation. Eirini was driven to pursue a master’s degree in business from her passion for connecting people around the world and serving their purposes besides time and cultural differences. In general, she is a dog lover and adores the culture and the friendly vibes of Austin. 作为业余爱好, 艾里尼喜欢纺纱, 徒步旅行, exploring different states and she hopes to learn the violin soon. It is an honor for Eirini to join the 研究生商科学生协会 as a Social 市场营销 Officer and she is looking forward to contributing to the GBSA’s mission.



万斯·舒马赫拥有B级学位.A in 会计 from Texas Tech University, and upon completing his degree moved to Central Texas. 从那里, Vance performed in varying capacities in accounting, 金融, 以及财政部内部的私募股权, 房地产, 以及供应链行业. 

Now a decade later returned to school to earn his MBA degree from St. 爱德华的 University and foster lasting connections. During his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding depending on the season.